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It's our "blemishes" that make us reMARKable

–From Children's Book Beautifully Blemished

Debut Children's Book

Beautifully Blemished

Learning and Celebrating Skin Differences

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Whether it's a birthmark, eczema, vitiligo, moles, scars or other can be difficult to find the beauty in being different.

Beautifully Blemished helps children see the unmatched beauty in their uniqueness and provides understanding to various skin conditions. Come along on this heartfelt journey as, together, we discover that whether speckled or spotted, bumpy or blotted, there is beauty in our "blemishes."

BEAUTY and acceptance redefined

Growing up with a facial birthmark made me self-conscious and insecure in many ways. It's been a journey and has taken me well into my adult years to view my "blemish" as something uniquely beautiful. I'm on a mission to help others realize the same -- much sooner than I did!  


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Helping empower those with visible skin differences to own their "blemishes" & find the beauty in their imperfections
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