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Beautifully Blemished

Learning and Celebrating Skin Differences

Whether it's a birthmark, eczema, vitiligo, moles, scars or other visible markings; it can be difficult to find the beauty in being different. Beautifully Blemished, is a children's picture book that helps children see the unmatched beauty in their imperfections and provides an understanding of various skin conditions.

The goal is to help skin-different children everywhere find hope, gain courage and feel acceptance. All while educating others on this much needed topic and normalizing visible differences. Helping change society's narrative of what "beauty" is and what it looks like.



"After reading Beautifully Blemished I was blown away. The art was beautiful and the words affirming. This book helps remind kids to love themselves exactly as they are."


 Savannah R.


"Upon the first read, I had a moment where part of my inner child healed because there was a moment of validation from seeing someone like me in a children's book. Thank you for presenting a book that truly reflects the world."


Naomie C.


"Leanne has such a way with words and the visuals portray the story so perfectly. It has the perfect balance of education and uplift..."


Katie M.

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Inclusive Children's Book_birthmarks, vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis, keloids, scars, hemangioma, port wine stain
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